Slow Day in the Keys

Friday October 30th 2020

I spent most of the day at the campground. My one venture out found the Overseas Highway packed with cars. Turning left across the nearest lane to enter the highway was next to impossible. It will probably be worse tomorrow. There is really only one road that goes anywhere in the keys.

The campground has been full every night I’ve been here, but it has transitioned from tourists to weekenders. A lot of folks from the Miami area make the trip south and west on US 1 to the keys for the weekend. When you make reservations at many of the Florida state parks you can see the weekends get booked faster. To get a two week stay you need to book exactly on the eleven month threshold, but you can often get four or five mid week nights closer to your arrival date.

One area the beach is covered in vines with many bright purple blossoms like this one.
Campers in some areas seem to like to decorate for Halloween, but here this is the most I’ve seen.
From little guys like this one, to big green tree hugging lizards you can’t go far without seeing another one.
These little birds don’t seem to be afraid of people. You can get within a couple of feet before they scurry away.
“Go ten paces, turn and …”

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