A Rainy Monday

Monday October 19th 2020

At breakfast time this morning it began to rain. A steady to heavy rain continued until the lunch hour. It became intermittent during the afternoon and seems to have ended completely as I start to write this blog entry. I guess rain was in the forecast, but I only expected afternoon thunderstorms.

Outside activity wasn’t in the cards for this morning. I suffered through a few obscure TV programs while trying to deal with limited access to the internet. I suspect I’m at the limit of reasonable reception distance from the nearest cell tower. The phone usually shows only a single bar and the data connection speed seems to go up and down. Not having access to the normal network morning shows on the over the air TV networks combined with difficulty surfing the internet made for a challenging and boring morning.

About the time the rain started to let up, I drove into town to restock on a few groceries. I was out of milk, OJ, unfrozen meat and worst of all sweet deserts. Two hours later I was home again with a lot more than those few things. The nearest Walmart is about eight miles away. It was well stocked for a pandemic era store. My complaint about this store was the checkouts. They had about thirty self serve checkouts and only two open human staffed checkouts. My curmudgeon self wants the checkout service I’m paying for.

During the late afternoon I managed to get out for a walk in the state park. It was an exercise in creativity dodging many of the large puddles in and around the roads. Down by the Backwater river boat launching there was a little wildlife activity. The birds were sheltering in the trees and for some reason the mullet were jumping out of the water. It was almost like the fish were having a jumping contest.

Blossom of the day.

I just edited my first paragraph to read “ended completely as I start to write this blog entry”. As I’m finishing writing the blog the rain has returned. The sound on the roof of my RV home is equivalent to a dull roar. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Balancing act.

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