A Lazy Sunday

Sunday October 18th 2020

My day started lazy and relaxed surrounded by the bustling chaos of weekend campers packing up and leaving the state park. Next Sunday I’ll be part of the chaos, so I was interested in how the line at the dump station formed and other logistics of leaving. It is going to be tricky getting the car hooked up in the tight confines of the campground.

Today’s blossom of the day from a random bush in a store parking lot.

After all the weekenders departed I took a drive toward Naples and found more chaos on the road. A group of motorcyclists filled the road for near a quarter of a mile. They were two and three abreast in the lain approaching my direction of travel. It was loud, long and confusing as it approached. I guess this club didn’t make the three hundred mile run to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest this weekend.

Most of the day I spent waiting for the weather to change. It started as a nice sunny day with a good breeze and a few fluffy clouds. Based on the internet and weather channel forecast, I expected thunderstorms during the afternoon. They never came. The day ended the way it started as a nice day with a few fluffy clouds. Since I don’t receive any local television stations, I don’t know if that was in the local forecast or not. As much as I complain about the quality of local TV weather forecasts, I feel a little out of touch without them.

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