Another Rainy Day

Tuesday October 20th 2020

Today was the second consecutive rainy day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as predictable as Monday. After misty start to the day, it appear to be clearing. I took advantage of the opportunity and headed out on my morning walk. It didn’t clear and I got caught in the heaviest rain of the day to that point. The little cloud burst only lasted long enough for me to get wet heading back to my RV home. A few more heavy showers followed. Some were short and others lingered for up to an hour.

I still managed to get in two walks to the Backwater River canoe and kayak launch. The first was a quick visit between storms and the second was at sunset. The photography opportunities during the first walk were limited, but during the sunset walk I had a little more success. The gator was back in the lagoon just before sunset. It responded to noise in the water it came out of hiding in the overhanging mangroves for the middle of the open water. About the same time the sunset found a hole in the clouds to display a bright red sky. Other than the color it was only a so so sunset.

Today’s Alligator sighting.

In between the walks it was just a reading and watching TV kind of day. Tomorrow’s weather sounds like a repeat of today. I’ll need to find something else out of the rain to keep me occupied.

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