Surrounded by Weekend Camping

Saturday October 17th 2020

When I woke up this morning the sleepy campground I got used to during the week was gone. All of the weekend residents were hopping with activity. They weren’t letting a minute of their precious weekend go to wast. Kids were riding bicycles, skateboards and scooters. Parents were loading up cars with the big kid toys like canoes and kayaks. Soon the cars were loaded with all the necessary items for a day of play.

When I walked over to the kayak and canoe launch on the Backwater river. I found the destination for several of the campers. Today was the first day I saw a significant number of boats in the water and people fishing from the dock. Everybody was taking advantage of the nice weather. Later in the day I spotted a couple of other kayak laden cars from the campground at one of the other kayak launches along the Tamiami trail. It is times like this that I’d like to have a kayak to explore with. Usually they rent them here and at other places in the area, but the combination of the season and the pandemic have limited those opportunities.

I walked another marsh trail for exercise today. The high water trend continues. At least I saw a couple of ducks taking advantage of the high water. After a week in the area, I’m running out of nearby places to hike. I’ll probably be driving further toward Miami to find more opportunities in the coming week.

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