Finding the Gulf of Mexico

Friday September 25th 2020

There were a lot of storms moving through the area today. In between the widely scattered storms was a nice sunny day. The temperature was a little uncomfortable as it reached the upper eighties with a good amount of humidity.

Today’s wildflower blossom.

After the first storm passed through the area I got started in my search for the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The town of Perry is inland from the area known as Florida’s Big Bend. It is the area of shore that transitions from the north south peninsula to the east west pan handled of Florida. This area is not heavily populated. It is largely undeveloped land. Other than some areas dedicated to farming and ranching there are large areas of marsh and woodlands. There are many State and National Forests and National Wildlife Refuges in the area.

In the area south of Perry that I traveled in today, there is not one road that runs along the coast. There are several smaller county roads that parallelisms the coast a couple of miles inland. It makes for a guessing game figuring out what side roads will take you out to the coast. I found a couple. Unfortunately, it coincided with another rain storm. I wasn’t able to get out and wander around the little beach and boat launching area I found.

This area of the coast is very concerned with flooding from storm surge associated with tropical weather systems. Several miles inland from the coast I started to observe houses on piers. The ground level is either empty or built with break away walls to keep the living area above the water. As I got to the coast the living areas were raised two levels above the ground. The actual houses were twenty feet off the ground on cement piers. Some of these high homes used the intermediate level as a covered deck. Those that can’t afford raised homes lived in trailers or fifth wheels that could be towed away when a storm approached. It was odd to see RVs used for residents between towering raised homes.

Late afternoon sky without a rain cloud in sight.

Today’s rain storms seem to appear when I didn’t want them. Every time I approached and area I wanted to visit the storm was there. While I was driving between locations it was generally sunny. When I got back to my RV home it had rained while I was away. A little rain had come in through the open kit4chen window on to the counter. I had closed the roof vents and the bedroom windows. The rain didn’t come in through the other windows. The rain hasn’t returned since I’ve been back at my RV.

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