Settling in at Perry Florida

Thursday September 24th 2020

My first day at a new location is usually spent slowly getting settled in. Today was a little more active.

During breakfast this morning the campground staff started to mow all of the grass in the campground. It’s a necessary task that happens while I’m at most campgrounds. The one thing they all have in common is the noise. The guys operating the big ride on mowers have ear protection, but the rest the people in the campground have to shut windows, close doors and cover their ears. How the guys mowing handle occupied campsites differs by location. At some parks they mow occupied sites getting within inches of equipment and vehicles. This campground goes to the opposite extreme and doesn’t cut the grass on occupied sites at all, but they do one thing that is rare. They move the picnic tables on empty site to get to all the grass.

Slightly blurry picture of todays blossom of the day.

After the mowers moved on from my area of the park, I got the car ready for touring. That means stowing the tow equipment and the bicycle, so they won’t tempt people in parking lots. It also lets me use the back of the SUV to hold groceries and stuff. Groceries was one of today’s tasks. I was getting low on a few things after two plus weeks.

I did a little driving around the Perry Florida area before stopping at the local Walmart. This was a medium size Super Walmart that wasn’t one of the best I’ve visited. Having shopped at Walmart all over the country you get a sense for what is normal and what is a little out of place. At this Walmart they weren’t enforcing the face mask policy. The signs that are usually out in front of the store declaring the need for masks and social distancing were in the shopping cart lobby as small sheets of paper stuck to the wall. The staff members in the area were not monitoring the people arriving. I usually see one or two people without a mask when I visit a Walmart in an area that doesn’t have a mask mandate, but today I saw several. That may be a reflection of the area. This is a very rural county that is near the bottom of the list for number of cases in Florida.

There were other little things inside the store that caught my attention. Carts with piles of empty boxes were parked at the end of a couple of the aisles. A cart with merchandise was in the middle of one of the narrow aisles blocking the path. Only after a couple of people were waiting on both sides of the obstructing cart did the staff member think to move to the side. Despite all these things, I managed to get most everything I needed. I have enough food and stuff until I get to the Bradenton area next week.

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