More Big Bend Exploring

Saturday September 26th 2020

The day began in a foggy world. Visibility this morning was limited by a very low cloud cover. It was after ten before the fog started to lift and the sun began to shine through. By afternoon it was a sunny and humid day with the temperature in the high eighties.

I did a lot of driving today as I explored the area. I drove to the west in search of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It was close to sixty miles on long straight sections of road through forests, marshes and the occasional town before I got near the gulf. The road ran along the coast for a few miles before turning inland again at which point I turned around. I enjoyed the drive, but I didn’t find any great scenic locations. There were probably a few off the highway. I just didn’t know which little winding road to take. My spirit of adventure wasn’t high enough today.

After three plus hours of mostly driving, I was back at my RV home. For some reason there are fewer travelers in the campground tonight. Hopefully, I don’t get a new neighbor at 1:15AM like I did last night. This is my last night here. Tomorrow I move on to the Bradenton Florida area. It is a little over 250 miles to the south, so tomorrow will be a longer travel day. Most of the outside travel preparation tasks are complete. In the morning I’ll do the inside packing and get on the road.

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