Is Travel Slowing Down?

Monday September 21st 2020

The day began like Sunday ended. It was cloudy and cool. As the day went by it warmed up into the mid seventies making a little improvement on Sunday. By the end of the day the sun was trying to break through the clouds.

I spent the day doing chores around the RV combined with walks around the campground for exercise. More campers arrived for short midweek stays. The visitors seem to be a mixture of people from the local area and full time RVers. There really aren’t many travelers here. I attribute that to the type of campground, the time of year and the pandemic.

US Army Corp of Engineers parks are located on lakes and waterways away from Interstate highways. This one, like most, only have electric and water hookups. I seek them out, because they have a good blend of features with a natural setting. For some travelers it is difficult to find COE parks and venture well off the highways to get to them. The need to have a prepaid reservation, particularly now because of pandemic restrictions to the parks taking cash, is also a drawback to some visitors.

This is also a transition season in this area. The prime season is October to April. There are some travelers and tourists in the summer, but not nearly as many as in the winter. This time of year the summer travelers, particularly those with school kids, have returned home and the winter travelers haven’t arrived yet.

Sun over Lake Seminole trying to break through the clouds.

It’s hard to know what impact the pandemic is having on RV travel. Coming across the country I got the impression there were more RV travelers than usual. The exceptionally high RV sales figures would tend to support that impression. Once I reached the east coast it seemed to lighten up. The end of summer could be a factor or it could be the high number of COVID cases reported in Georgia and Florida over the summer. I’m interested in seeing how the winter snowbird season turns out. If the Canadian US boarder stays closed a large number of visitors will be staying home.

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