Last Day at Eastbank Campground

Tuesday September 22nd 2020

For a change today started sunny. The clouds moved in during the middle of the day to do battle with the sun. There was occasional sun for the rest of the day. The temperature peaked in the very comfortable high seventies.

This is my last full day at the Eastbank campground on Lake Seminole. Last weeks evacuation will make it memorable. I will probably be back again when I’m passing through the area on Interstate 10. It is a good facility for a short stay, but doesn’t have a lot to keep things interesting on a longer stay. The lake is a nice feature, but it doesn’t have enough action or wildlife to keep my attention over the long haul.

Water blossom of the day.

I got a few more maintenance tasks completed today before I started to pack up for tomorrows travels. All of the outside tasks are complete. The inside tasks will get done in the morning. I’m not in a real rush to depart. I only have a little over one hundred miles to travel. I’ll be in Perry Florida through Sunday.

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