Early Fall ?

Sunday September 20th 2020

It started to rain during the night. I had to get up and close windows and roof vents, but I wasn’t awake enough to take note of the time. It was still raining lightly when I got up around 9AM. There was also a north wind keeping it from warming up. The day was a real harbinger of the coming season. Even though Fall doesn’t officially arrive until Tuesday, today’s temperature barely broke the seventy degree mark. It rained or drizzled off and on all day. The next few days are forecast to get better, but tropical storm Beta could cause changes.

Today was a turn over day at the campground. The weekenders and most of my fellow evacuees departed this morning. This afternoon a few new arrivals took some of the vacant sites. The campground is emptier tonight than it has been while I’ve been here. It will be interesting to see if it fills up any more before I leave on Wednesday.

During the periods of dry weather I walked around the campground for exercise and to capture a few pictures to include in this blog entry. While it was raining I watched TV and read. I watched a similar mix of golf and football as I watched yesterday. The only difference was the football was NFL games that I had a clue who some of the players on the field were. Tonight I get my first chance to watch a New England Patriots game this year. I suspect I’m going to know fewer of the players on my preferred team than I know on some of the other games I watched today. They have had a lot of turn over and at least three of the name players took the year off because of COVID concerns. I don’t think I really have a “horse” in this year’s race to the Superbowl.

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