A Cloudy and Dreary Day

Saturday September 19th 2020

Today was a cloudy dismal day. The sun never made an appearance. The good news was it was a comfortable temperature in the upper seventies, it didn’t rain and a breeze kept the bugs away.

The weather didn’t help my mood. Even though I’m no longer evacuated, it is easy to think about what has gone wrong this year and wonder what kind of an interruption to my plans is coming next. If it isn’t a pandemic, it’s a tropical weather system. Tropical storm Beta, in the Gulf of Mexico, could swing this way and there are many other weather systems in the Atlantic heading west. With two and a half months left to hurricane season they’ve already run out of names. Traveling into the storm zone before the middle of October was my choice. I knew the risk, but Mother Nature didn’t have to prove the folly of my decision with one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.

I watched a lot of television today. College football is back as a Saturday staple. The only issue is the quality of the games. With many of the football conferences not playing a regular schedule the TV networks are forced to carry games from lesser known colleges. Luckily, the US Open Golf championship was also on this afternoon. Between all of the choices I found some things to watch.

For exercise I walked around the campground a few times. There aren’t as many campers here this weekend. The fact that the park was closed for two days in the middle of the week probably has something to do with it. Fishing and kayaking in Lake Seminole are more active today than I’ve seen it since I arrived. There were several fishing boats at the edge of the weeds all day.

Wildflower blossom of the day

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