Back to Eastbank Campground

Friday September 18th 2020

It was foggy overnight. Everything that started to dry out yesterday after the hurricane was damp again this morning. By late morning the sun had burned through the fog and was shining brightly in the sky. It was the first day of real sun all week.

I got a text message this morning confirming the Eastbank campground would reopen at noon today. Gradually over the course of the morning I prepared to move back. Shortly after noon I pulled in the slides, lifted the jacks, hooked up the car and moved the three plus miles back to the Eastbank campground.

Site 17 at the Eastbank Campground in the Lake Seminole Recreation Area.

The site I was on before the hurricane had been reserved for part of my remaining five day stay, so I reserved another site on the other side of the same camping loop. I got parked on site 17 shortly after 1PM. My first order of business was to walk over to my original site and retrieve my water pressure regulator. In my hast to get packed during the storm on Wednesday I had left it connected to the water tap. Luckily, the maintenance staff hadn’t removed it and the site was not yet occupied.

Once I was setup I took a walk around the park to check for damage from the storm. All of the standing water has drained away. There was only a little water still flowing in the drainage ditches. I could see signs of dirt or mud removal and a little regrading of the gravel in some sites. The park was in very good condition compared to what it looked like when I left on Wednesday.

I wonder what this guy is watching.

Gradually over the afternoon my fellow evacuees and I were joined by new campers for the weekend. Hopefully, things will get back to normal and I won’t feel as lost and homeless. The only problem is there are at least two more hurricanes that may visit the area in the next week or so.

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