Waiting Out the Evacuation

Thursday September 17th 2020

The remnants of Hurricane Sally are well north of here. It is still very cloudy and damp with an occasional brief drizzle of rain. The sun is forecast to return tomorrow.

View of the sky to the northwest over Lake Seminole this morning.

I am high and dry in the River Junction Campground. It is only has about twelve sites, but it was big enough to hold all of the evacuees from the Eastbank campground that didn’t just go home. This campground has been closed since March. It is scheduled to reopen at the beginning of October. The power and water work and it looks like it could be a nice campground when it is open. Right now, the grass needs to be cut and some debris needs to be picked up. The ranger in charge said they had begun getting the area ready to open a couple of weeks ago. We are fortunate it was available.

The damage at the Eastbank campground wasn’t bad. They have been working on it today and will be reopening it tomorrow at noon. Most everybody here will be moving the three plus miles back to Eastbank tomorrow afternoon. A couple of people that were scheduled to leave on Saturday are just going to stay here at River Junction. Since we are all in this evacuation together, we kind of got to know each others plans in a short time.

My site during the evacuation at the River Junction Campground. Site number 8 is a little small for my rig, but I made it fit.

I’ll be on a different site when I return to Eastbank. When they closed the campground to new arrivals all of the existing reservations were canceled going forward and refunds were issued. I had to reserve and pay for my site again, but someone else had booked it for the weekend before I did. It is not a big deal, there are many good sites. I’ve got another site in the same camping loop booked.

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