Lake Seminole Eastbank Campground

Thursday September 10th 2020

The more tropical weather that has been slowly moving in from the east coast finally caught up with me today. The day began partly sunny and humid and concluded with lots or rain and a little thunder and lightening. The rain arrived in two parts. The first heavy thunderstorms arrived shortly after 4PM with lots of thunder and lightening. The second wave arrived shortly before 9PM with less noise, but plenty of rain. It is still raining as I write this blog entry. The weather radar on my phone indicates it will be raining into the night.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I finished setting up for my two week stay this morning before exploring the park. The sixty five sites in the park are only sparsely filled. I expect it will be much busier over the weekend. There is a lot of open space between sites filled with green grass and an occasional tree. It is a very pretty campground.

Lake Seminole boarders the west side of the campground. Thus the name Eastbank campground. This side of the lake created by damming the confluence of the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers is filled with water plants. There is plenty of open water from the middle toward the west bank that supports recreational boat use and I think some commercial boat traffic. There was a USCG buoy tender cruising back and forth this morning. People fishing from boats seem to favor the edge between the clear water and the plant filled water. That is probably a drop off to deeper water where the fish gather.

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