Travel Day to Lake Seminole

Wednesday September 9th 2020

Today was moving day. I left Jennings Florida at the 11AM checkout time. The check in time at my destination was specified at 4PM. You can usually cheat that time as long as the site is empty, but I’d read a comment or two on the internet about that not being possible at my destination. The online reservation system indicated that the site I was destine to occupy was reserved for Tuesday night. I needed to arrive after the 3PM checkout time to minimize the potential for issues.

The Google maps route to my destination was only 120 miles long. To stretch a drive of little over 2 hour into 4 plus hours was my challenge of the day. I stopped at three different rest areas and two gas stations. At each rest area I spent from half an hour to an hour before I got bored and moved on. The two gas stations were at the same exit. The first one I tried was very busy. Getting to a pump was a real challenge. The gas station across the street was empty with a similar gas price, so I went across the street. I arrived at my destination around 3:30PM and had no problem getting checked in. For a short drive, it seemed like I’d been driving all day.

Site C-33 at the Eastbank campground in the Lake Seminole Army Corp of Engineers Recreation Area.

I’m at the Eastbank Campground on Lake Seminole in the southwest corner of Georgia for the next two weeks. To get here you need to drive through the middle of the nearest town of Chattahoochee Florida. This US Army Corps of Engineers campground is in a unique location on the east bank of Lake Seminole near the dam before the water flows into the Apalachicola river. The lake and the Chattahoochee River that flows into the lake form part of the boarder between Florida and Georgia. The east west boarder turns north south in the middle of the dam. The lake and rivers also form the dividing line between the eastern and central time zones. I’m in the eastern time zone, but the cell tower my phone is using is in the central time zone. Consequently, the time on my phone is off by an hour. The other temporal confusion is caused by the TV stations I can receive. Most of them are from Alabama in the central time zone. Oh, the little challenges life on the road creates.

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