Invasive Bugs

Friday September 11th 2020

The weather didn’t live up to the forecast today. The TV weather talkers predicted a lower chance of thunderstorms than Thursday, but the whole area has been thoroughly wet down tonight. After a cloudy start the sun broke through for a couple of hours before the thunderstorms moved in around 4PM. By the time the rain let up a couple of hours later there were deep puddles all around my RV.

My RV Home in the center of the picture with Lake Seminole in the background.

At least the rain is a relief from the bugs. This area is experiencing two invasive bug species. The first is common throughout Florida twice a year. This is the September outbreak of Love Bugs. They hatch, lock onto a mate and swarm around long enough to complete the deed. I ran through a few small swarms on my way here. They make a mess of the front of the RV that needs to be cleaned up before they harm the paint. Since I’ve been here a swarm or two has appeared every afternoon. They don’t bite. They are just an annoyance.

Blossom of he day

The other invasive species is more unique to this location. The park has a problem with Argentine Ants. You are warned when you check in to keep power cords and hoses off the ground. They also recommend that you spread insecticide around your tires and level jacks. Basically, make it as hard as possible for the ants to get into your RV. I’ve done all of the recommended preventive measures and remain vigilant. I’m at the point of over reacting to any bug I see moving. The heavy rain keeps the ants away, but also washes the insecticide away. The Argentine ants also don’t bite people. It is my understanding that they go for grease and sweets. If they get inside I’ll have a real problem getting rid of them.

A little bit of a sunset after the thunderstorm.

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