RV Park Exodus

Tuesday September 8th 2020

Today began earlier than I wanted. An older diesel pusher motorhome parked on the site beside mine last night just before dark. Just before seven this morning they started the loud diesel engine on the motorhome. They ran it for a few minutes then shut it down. The brief quiet was broken by the sound of doors slamming and other loud banging. A little later the loud diesel started up again. They ran the motor for about fifteen minutes before they pulled out of the site. I was wide awake and out of bed before 7:30AM.

Gazebo home of two egrets

This was another big departure day from the RV park. Most of the weekenders left yesterday, but a few stayed until today. When combined with the overnight residents, there was a steady stream of departures this morning. By checkout time there were only six rigs left in this part of the campground and two of those were long term park hosts. I expected to see more people arrived late in the day for an overnight stop, but it didn’t happen. There are only six RVs in this area of the park tonight.

One of the scattered showers in the forecast found the RV park this noon. It happened while I was out, so I only know about the storm from the aftermath. When I got back to my RV home from a grocery run, there were small branches on the roadway and lots of big puddles. Just getting into my front door required tip toeing through standing water. It was almost sunny when I left and when I returned. Sometime during the two and a half hours I was away it must have really poured.

I stocked up on groceries today, because I don’t know where I’ll find supplies at my next stop. Tomorrow is a travel day. I’m moving about 120 miles west on the Florida Georgia state line. It’s one of those days where the travel time is much shorter than the gap between check out here and check in at the new place. I’ll be looking for rest areas and other easy parking areas to kill time during the trip.

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