Does Labor Day Mean Summer is Over?

Monday September 7th 2020

Today’s weather was very similar to Sunday. Thunderstorms were in the forecast for late in the day. Instead of rain the sun broke through the clouds when the thunderstorms were expected to arrive. This area didn’t get the scattered thunderstorms. They are in the forecast again for tomorrow.

Since today is Labor Day summer must be over. Growing up and living most of my life in the northeast that thought was deeply entrenched. School always started right after the holiday and the temperature started to drop a little everyday. In other parts of the country it isn’t as cut and dry. School starts as early as the first week in August and the temperature doesn’t start to drop for another several weeks.

I’ve managed to experience a form of fall every year I’ve been on the road except 2016. I was in this area that year dodging hurricanes and sweating in the heat. In 2017 I was in Utah and Northern Arizona where altitude substituted for latitude to produce a fall like experience. The following year of 2018, I was back in New York and New England for a real fall experience like I experienced every year of my life through 2015. Last year I started to experience fall right after Labor Day in Oregon and out ran the weather heading south to Las Vegas. Fall caught up with me in Las Vegas after a couple of weeks.

I don’t expect to experience anything identifiable as fall this year. Before the temperature starts to change in northern Florida, my plans have me located in the Florida Keys. The tropics begin only a couple of degrees of latitude south. It’s not going to get very cool until I’m back in central Florida in December. Next year I’ll have to find some form of fall.

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