Campground Musings

Friday September 4th 2020

Mother Nature added a couple more degrees to today’s high temperature, but according to the TV weather talkers it was a little less humid. It was still hot with a high temperature above the mid nineties.

Blossom of the day.

After another slow start to the day, I finally got in the car for a little exploring of the area. I drove around a lot, but only stopped once. I needed to buy gas to facilitate my exploring. Even in a pandemic the price of gas goes up for holiday weekends. My route of exploration crossed the Swanee River several times, but never in a location with a place to stop and explore. A little research after I got home identified where I should have gone to explore the river. Maybe another day while I’m here.

Someone’s looking at me. I have to fly away.
Maybe it’s safer here.

When I got back to the campground it was starting to fill up again. There seem to be two parts to the campground. A long term area toward the back and the shorter term area with about forty sites I’m staying in. That area has been close to full every night I’ve been here and near empty by eleven every morning until today. This morning the sites right around me stayed occupied. I’m guessing they’re here for the weekend. Tonight the area is near full again. How many more will be staying for the weekend remains to be seen.

Home in the gazebo.

Once again today I took a couple of walks around the campground pond for exercise. I saw the same two egrets and five ducks that I’ve seen every day. The ducks I understand. They live here. Why the two egrets hang around is more difficult to understand. They are clearly very wild. If they even catch you looking at them they fly away to the other side of the pond, but once you move on they return. The pond doesn’t look like it has much to offer, but I’m not an egret. Who knows what they see in the murky pond.

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