Visiting My Avian Neighbors

Saturday September 5th 2020

Today was the hottest day of the week. The temperature reached the upper nineties with enough humidity to have a reported heat index of 106. It really wasn’t as uncomfortable as other days I’ve experienced this summer. The difference is all in my head. I spent most of the day inside my RV home enjoying the AC.

Hiding from the sun under a bridge.
“Follow me. I know where the good plants are located.”

The time I spent outside was on walks around the pond checking out the birds and swatting at the swarming bugs. There are several different kinds of bugs ranging from tiny to dragon fly size. None of them seem to be inclined to bite, but the little ones want to land on you and crawl around. It’s the worst when I stop moving to take a picture of the birds. There are bench seats all around the pond, but sitting for more than thirty seconds isn’t practical.

Watching the world for threats.
Time to leave.

A few of last nights campers departed this morning, but even more arrived this afternoon to replace them. The people staying for the weekend seem to out number the travelers, but not by many. Last year I was in Corvallis Oregon for the labor day weekend and the year before I was on the side of Lake Ontario in New York state. Both of those campgrounds were further from the interstate highway. They were full for the holiday weekend. The attraction in Corvallis was a college football game and Lake Ontario was the attraction in New York state. This park doesn’t have similar draws, at least not this year.

It’s wing drying time.

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