An Inside Chores Day

Thursday September 3rd 2020

The temperature climbed another couple of degrees into the mid 90s. In all other respects, it was a clone of Wednesday. It was a hot and humid stay in the AC kind of day.

The evening duck parade.

I kept finding things to do inside my RV home today. It was well after noon before I ventured out. A walk around the pond in the center of the campground resulted in lots of sweat followed by a retreat into the AC until supper time. I’m really wimping out to the weather. The daytime conditions really are not much different than the weather I’ve been experiencing since the beginning of August. The difference is somewhere in the last week or so I started running the AC around the clock. Earlier in the summer I only ran the AC late in the day until bed time. The overnight conditions were fine with the windows open and the fans blowing. Once I committed to the AC I became addicted to it. It’s going to take a cold front to break the addiction. Maybe next week.

The mental list of inside chores is getting shorter. I got the floor swept and some of it washed today. The layers of desert dust from early this summer are starting to disappear. I need to take the bigger throw rugs outside before I can finish the job. It is a very fine dust that was hiding until the humidity started to make mud.

The campground is filling up tonight. For the first time since I arrived I have neighbors on both sides. I don’t know if they are here for the weekend or only the night. If they don’t leave in the morning, I’ll assume they’re here for the weekend.

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