Missing Tourists

Friday August 28th 2020

The cloud cover was back today, but it was still very hot and humid. I can only imagine how hot it would feel if there was full sunshine. The TV weather talkers are calling it exceptionally warm. It still isn’t record heat just the product of a stationary high pressure system off the coast. I’m not complaining. I’m here by choice. If I was still in the Arkansas or Tennessee area I’d be getting hit by the remnants of hurricane Laura. There are two more tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa that might turn into hurricanes that I need to keep my eye on. The motorhome has wheels for a reason. I don’t want to be in the storms’ paths until they loose their punch.

Today I drove through old St Augustine. I have no desire to get into crowded tourist attractions. The use of masks is far from universal in this area and social distancing isn’t possible in some of the tourist traps. I was surprised that it wasn’t as busy as I expected. There were actually parking spaces readily available. There don’t seem to be as many out of state visitors in the area as I’ve seen other years at this time. It’s never extremely busy at this time of year, but this year is slower. Undoubtedly, the news coverage of the COVID surge in Florida had an impact on tourism. Elsewhere on my cross country trip there were more out of state travelers than there are here. This RV park has mostly Florida license plates on the occupied sites. There are also more empty sites than I’m used to seeing at this time of year.

This RV park has put a reasonable level of COVID precautions in place. They restrict access to the office to one person at a time. Some common areas are closed and other areas have been “reimagined”. The curious part is the social distancing reminder signs. I wonder who they think their customers are with signs that say “keep one cow apart”.

Which end of the cow do you want?

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