Finishing My Winter Planning

Saturday August 29th 2020

I woke up to a cloudy hot and humid day. There was a brief period of partial sunshine, but it was quickly shutdown with the arrival of a line of thunderstorms around 3PM. It has been raining off and on ever since. It is very typical Florida summer weather.

Southern sky as the storms moved in.

There was nothing about today’s weather that encouraged me to get out and do anything. It was afternoon before I finished my morning reading and thought about going out. The extent of my ambition was a walk around the RV park. Back in the comfort of my air conditioned RV home I switched into travel planning mode. I reconfirmed a few ideas and came up with a couple of new ones before I started locking up a few more stops with reservations. I now have the next six months completely booked. My next open week is the last week of February.

It is dark near the horizon in the western sky fifteen minutes before thunder could be heard in the west.

I’ll be crisscrossing the state of Florida from east to west and north to south staying mostly at state and other public parks. Most of my stays are for two weeks at a time. In the near term I have a few shorter stays in private campgrounds and the last week of February will probably be filled with a private campground stay. March will be back in public campgrounds if all goes according to my intent. The rest of next year is still open for imagining.

Right now I have 15 reservations ahead. The last time I had so many reservations locked in the pandemic arrived. I’ve had more experience canceling reservations this year than I ever had before. For this set of reservations the hurricane season puts the fall reservations at risk and there is always the possibility of another COVID lock down. I can’t control the weather and public campgrounds seem to be the first to be impacted by the actions of elected and public health officials in a crises. I have to be flexible going forward.

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