Back to the Atlantic Ocean

Thursday August 27th 2020

The thick oppressive humidity back today along with plenty of sun. Together they are a dangerous hot combination. It was a very uncomfortable day. The pattern is getting a little less stable. There were a few thunderstorms in the area today, but none of them fell in this area. Over the next couple of days thunderstorms are forecast to be more numerous and impact a broader area.

The Atlantic Ocean south of St. Augustine

Today’s driving around took me to the Atlantic Ocean. It was just about a year ago that I was along the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. I’ve been landlocked for the last year. Visiting the ocean, particularly the Atlantic, is something that I’ve done regularly all my life. I enjoy visiting the desert, but living anywhere that isn’t close to the ocean would be difficult. Watching the action of the water and nature along the shore is the primary draw. I’m not looking for close encounters with sharks or other sea dangers, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them from the shore. D

Walking around the RV park today I came across some of the resident birds. Many parks have birds that share the space with the campers. It’s often Canadian Geese or ducks. I’ve even been in a couple here in Florida that the resident birds are noisy Sandhill Cranes. At this park the resident birds are Turkeys. Today I only saw two, but on previous visits I seen a great deal more.

Park bird residents.

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