Another Day with Plenty of Rain

Monday August 24th 2020

Today was a more normal kind of rainy day for this area of the country. There were waves of heavy rain separated by a period of sunny sky. The humidity was over the top all day. A very tropical kind of day.

I got a couple of opportunities to walk around the campground during the breaks in the rain. The park really emptied out this morning. The last couple of weekenders and all of the overnight campers were gone by 9:30 this morning. I think they were trying to hit the road before the next wave of storms came through. The park is kind of empty tonight. There are fewer overnight residents than any of the nights since I arrived.

The rest of my day was spent inside my RV home. I got a little cleaning done and a few other chores out of the way during one of the rain storms. During others I was working on filling in a few more reservations between now and the end of the winter. I’ve got dates to fill in late February, March and April. The eleven month reservation window for the state parks fell in the early days of the pandemic when I was not focused on future travel. Now I have to find available private campgrounds to take the place of the state parks that are already booked. If the Canadian boarder remains closed, I will have less competition. Many Canadian snowbirds may be caught in the cold north this year.

Late this afternoon I started to prepare to move on tomorrow. It’s only a short drive to the St. Augustine FL area. I’ll leave here as close to the 11AM checkout as possible and probably wast time at a rest area or two along the way. It is only about a sixty mile drive.

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