My First Truly Rainy Day in Some Time

Sunday August 23rd 2020

Today was the first real rainy day I’ve experienced in a long time. I’ve experienced rain over the last few months, but it wasn’t a real full day event. It was usually half a day often over night or a lot of clouds leading up to one big storm. Today’s rain started late yesterday and continued at varying intensities throughout the day. It wasn’t always heavy. Sometimes it was only mist or sprinkles. Basically, it was wet until late afternoon. The forecast calls for similar behavior over the next few days. It is a tropical event.

I spent all day around my RV home reading, doing travel research and watching TV in the bedroom. Yesterday wasn’t the best day for my main TV to quit, if any day would be. It was an interesting combination of listening from the other room and laying on the bed actually watching the TV. There was plenty of sports programming on TV including the delayed Indianapolis 500 to watch.

Late in the day, after the rain stopped, I got a little exercise walking around the park. It was largely an exercise in dodging puddles. There don’t seem to be as many overnight campers this evening. The weather may have delayed or changed travel plans.

Couldn’t find any flowers or puddles to take pictures of, so I took one of my dinner of grilled pork chops.

Getting this blog entry written has been a challenge. Microsoft saw fit to update the Windows operating system on my computer last night. Besides all the additional time it took to boot, things weren’t behaving as expected. Right in the middle of resizing the picture to include in the blog the program paused for over five minutes with the message about loading new fonts. What Microsoft did to impact a third party product is a mystery and I have no idea what they updated or improved overall.

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