Travel Day to St. Augustine FL

Tuesday August 25th 2020

The last few days have been humid, but the mostly cloudy sky kept things from feeling really hot and sticky. Today the clouds were gone. It was a typical Florida summer hot and humid day. As soon as I stepped out of my RV home it felt like I’d entered a sauna.

I had about three hours to prepare to get on the road this morning. I needed all of the time because of the heat. It really drains the energy out of you. I retreated back into the air conditioning inside my RV home on a regular basis. Once I got inside I stayed there longer than I probably should have. I left the park right at the 11AM checkout time.

Traffic on the sixty plus mile trip was heavy. I took the long way around Jacksonville on the west beltway. The route managed to eat a little of the extra time I had before a reasonable check in time at my destination. Even with that, I stopped at a rest area on Interstate 95 south of Jacksonville for about an hour, before finishing the last ten miles or so of my drive to St. Augustine.

I’m at the Stagecoach RV park outside St. Augustine for the next week. This is a park that I often stop at in this area. From the amount of online interaction I had with the park staff, I was expecting a no contact check in. I’ve experienced those at several parks on my journey east. Basically, they leave an envelop outside with your name on it after getting all the information and payment via phone or internet. That didn’t happen here. I had to either call them from the parking lot or go inside the office. I masked up and went inside.

Site 47 at the Stagecoach RV Park in St. Augustine FL.

Setup in the heat and humidity took away more of my energy. I’m going to sleep well tonight.

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