Oh No The TV Broke

Saturday August 22nd 2020

It was an overcast day with the threat of rain. Big black clouds were on the horizon all day. Somehow the rain held off until evening. It has been raining since the sun started to slip below the horizon. Tomorrow is forecast to be a continuation of threatening rain storms.

An egret in the marsh grass.

The day began with a minor disaster. While I was eating breakfast with the TV on in the background, I heard a snap or mild pop from the TV that drew my attention. The screen on my 42 inch living room TV was blank, but the audio was still crystal clear. It didn’t take long to determine that my five year old TV had succumbed to one of the common problems with modern TVs. The back lighting had broken. If you shine a bright light at the screen, you can still see that it is producing a picture. You just can’t see it. I don’t think it is fixable under the replacement cost of the device.

When I have a two week stay near a city area, I’ll start to investigate in more detail. The first step will be to get the TV down off its mount. It looks pretty straight forward, but I’m not sure it is a standard mount. That may prove to be an issue if I have to replace the TV. Getting it securely mounted so it doesn’t fall off the wall while I’m gong down the road is a necessity. It will probably be the end of September or the beginning of October before I’m in the right place at the right time to dig into this new mess. In the mean time I’ll watch the TV in the bedroom or the one outside and do my research on repairs or replacements.

I drove into Historic St. Mary’s Georgia on the St Mary’s river this afternoon. The last time I was there, two years ago, the waterfront area was under construction. Today the new boat launch area and the road have been completed. There were a lot of people in the parks and walking around the town this afternoon. I joined them in the stroll around town mode. It was perhaps the most active I’ve seen the downtown area. The restaurants without door seating were busy. It didn’t look like the ones with indoor seating were as busy.

Sailboat on a mooring ball in the river.

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