Fun at the Grocery Store

Friday August 21st 2020

Rain threatened all day, but never really got beyond a few sprinkles. Clouds dominated the sky most of the day to keep the high temperature in the mid eighties. The ever present humidity made it feel a little warmer.

A little visitor.

This morning I stripped my Honda CR-V of the bicycle and the towing gear so I could run some errands. First on the list was grocery shopping. Without the bicycle on the back it is a whole lot easier to load and unload the groceries. About midday I made the trip to the local Walmart. This one had three employees at each entrance enforcing the mask requirement, social distancing and building capacity requirement. I have to say Walmart is consistent across the country enforcing its COVID-19 rules. Even in an area like this one, where the government doesn’t require masks, Walmart maintains its rules.

Some of the shelves were empty today. The canned vegetables section had a lot of empty packing boxes. This Walmart seems to have resorted to warehouse store style shelf stocking for simplicity and speed. The packing boxes are put on the shelves with the top cut off so the contents are visible. Today all that remained was the empty cardboard containers. The other stock shortage that impacted my shopping was the absence of milk in 2 quart containers. They had plenty of gallons, but in hot weather I don’t use a gallon before it spoils. I’ll have to make another grocery store excursion next week to get the things I missed today. Considering it was over two weeks since my last restocking, a week will seem odd.

The grocery shopping and a stop at the gas station to fill the tank took over two hours. I’m really not sure where the time went. Even when the store is busy I usually spend less than an hour. When I got back to the campground it was starting to fill up for the weekend. It will be interesting to see if tonight’s residents stay for the weekend or leave in the morning. I’ve been wrong with my guess at other campgrounds the last couple of weekends.

2 thoughts on “Fun at the Grocery Store

  1. Rob, since the pandemic, I have been ordering my groceries on the Walmart app, schedule a day and time. Then I drive to the pickup area where they bring out my groceries and whatever else I ordered (computer paper, sharpies, shampoo, detergent), put it in the back of my suv. They sign the charge for me. I never touch anything until I get home.
    There is no charge. You have to order $35 minimum. I wondered why I never used it before.


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