A Short Moving Day

Sunday August 9th 2020

Today was a moving day. At a total distance of about 15 miles I won’t even call it a travel day. It still had all the packing and setup of a travel day, but none of the traffic and navigation issues associated with a long travel day. Packing and set up in the mid 90’s temperature with high humidity still weren’t fun.

I moved from a campground on the interstate northwest of Memphis in Arkansas to a campground a little southwest of Memphis, but still in Arkansas. I’m trading the sound of trucks on the interstate for the sounds of tugboats on the Mississippi River. I’m at Tom Sawyer’s RV park in West Memphis for the next week.

Site 64 at Tom Sawyer’s RV Park.

I’ve heard a lot about this park and wanted to experience it for myself. It is located on the wrong side of the levee on the side of the Mississippi River. Since it isn’t protected by the levee systems it floods just about every spring. This spring was no exception, the park was flooded. It is dry and well landscaped now. They seem to be ready for flood events as the restrooms and laundry are on wheels and other structures are elevated.

Tug pushing a full load of barges heading down river past Tom Sawyer’s RV Park.

The Mississippi river is a couple hundred feet from my RV home. I have a clear view of the river. It is very active. I’ve lost count of the number of tugs pushing barges I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to what else I might see pass by in the river.

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