Hanging Around My RV Home

Monday August 10th 2020

The hot and humid weather has settled in. It was in the upper nineties with enough humidity for the temperature to feel like 106 according to the TV weather talkers. One nice thing about being along the Mississippi River is the breeze. A few degrees of cooling comfort came along with the breeze off the river.

My RV Home with the Mississippi River beyond.

Today was dedicated to finishing the set up tasks associated with a new location and a few chores around my RV home. The day began early with a lot of the RVs around me leaving early. Starting before 7AM I heard all of the ones that drove by on the loose gravel roads. My windows were open since I turned off the AC when I got tired of waking every time it cycled around 2AM. At least I got a few hours of solid sleep.

Pond behind my RV Home.

The RV park was well occupied last night, but there were only four or five other campers in my part of the campground by noon. Later in the day more RVs started to arrive. There are more here tonight than there were Sunday night. I didn’t expect this park to have as many on nighters. The proximity to Memphis makes it a good location for a two, three or more night stay to see all the tourist attractions. Maybe pandemic cautions are keeping others from doing urban tourist things like it is me.

Multi barge load heading up river.

In between chores I took a couple of walks around the park and wandered over to the river front to watch the tug boats do their thing. So far I’ve only seen tugs pushing barges and a couple of solo tug boats. I haven’t seen one recreational boat or live aboard private vessel go by. The Mississippi, at least in this area, is very much a working waterway.

Single barge load heading up river to Memphis.

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