Touring in Eastern Arkansas

Saturday August 8th 2020

The reprieve from the hot and humid weather is over. After nearly a week of cooler and drier than normal weather it was back to normal today. The temperature was in the low 90s with high humidity by the end of the day.

Soybeans ?

I took a drive to explore the area today. This is clearly the Mississippi River valley. It is very flat and low ground that probably flooded regularly before the levee system along the river was built. Today it is full of cultivated fields. I recognized some of the fields with corn, but most of them are filled with crops beyond my limited recognition. I suspect some of them are filled with soybeans, since that is a common crop in this area.

The rest of my day was spent reading and watching the PGA golf tournament on TV. The coverage followed most of the golfers for the entire round. They were on the air from 1PM to 9PM in this time zone. The commentators were trying hard to make a lot of lesser known players sound interesting for much of the day. T was something to watch.

It looks like this is going to be a long hot night. The power management system in my RV home just shutdown the power because of low voltage. One leg was reading 108 volts and the other was at 116 volts after the shutdown. The power in this RV park isn’t good enough for all the rigs trying to run their air conditioners. Once I turned off the AC it seems to be allowing the power to flow. Running the air conditioner on low voltage will damage the appliance. Hopefully, I’ll have enough airflow with the windows open and the fan on in the bedroom to sleep. I’m moving on tomorrow anyway.

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