Up, Down and Around in Little Rock

Monday August 3rd 2020

The temperature made it into the mid eighties with increased humidity. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as last week, but not as nice as the weekend days. A lot of heavy wind went through the area late in the day. It has gradually becoming more comfortable since everything blew around. The next few days are forecast to be unseasonably cool.

A day with many wispy and puffy clouds.

I went on a drive today in search of a package in an Amazon locker. What looked like a simple task on Google Maps turned into more of an adventure than I’d planned. I seem to underestimate distances and scale reading on-line maps. This area has more hills and valleys than I expected. On today’s circuitous route to the holefoods store I climbed over some hills and went around others. I arrived at two clusters of big box stores before I found the right shopping area. It was an interesting exploration around the outskirts of Little Rock.

Blossom of the day.

The package I picked up had a new HDMI splitter. The unit that distributes my satellite TV signal from the receiver to all the TVs bit the dust a few weeks ago. This is the second time I’ve had to replace the unit. It is located in an area that has poor ventilation. The last few weeks of heat, particularly when the sun had direct access to the outside of the RV near where the splitter is located, did it in. Later versions of this model RV have additional cooling vents and fans around the storage area for this piece of electronics.

Long distance shot of the local Great Blue Heron.

It took about half an hour of work to swap out the old broken unit and replace it with the new one. Now I don’t have to retreat to the bedroom to watch satellite TV. The signal once again gets routed to the living room TV as well. That’s one repair down. I’ve got another part from Amazon on the way to fix the water pump. I’ll need to make another trip to the locker at Wholefoods when it arrives either late tomorrow or Wednesday.

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