A Quiet Sunday

Sunday August 2nd 2020

The day started cloudy and ended with only a few puffy clouds in the sky. The main difference from Saturday was the total lack of wind. Once in a while there was a very light breeze, but for the most part it was still. The result was a much warmer feeling mid eighties day.

Today’s colorful blossom.

The weather also resulted in a very lazy day. The lack of sun and very little noise this morning allowed for sleeping in. I wasn’t planning on it, but I didn’t wake up until after ten. I only had time for breakfast and my first walk around the campground before I got caught up in watching the return from space of the two astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon Space X space capsule.

I felt some degree of national pride when the astronauts were successfully transported to the International Space Station aboard a US commercial spacecraft back in May. Today completed that success by getting the two men back to earth safely in the same capsule. I remember watching the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules land in the oceans. It is hard to believe they haven’t done it since 1975. Watching the coverage today brought back memories of watching those landings and the space shuttle.

Calm day on the river.

The campground didn’t empty out as completely as I expected today. Some of the weekenders departed during the day, but others seem to be staying longer. It looks like a few of my neighbors will be leaving tomorrow. They have been packing somethings up this evening. The activity over the weekend has been entertaining. The quiet of the weekdays will also be welcome.

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