Catching up on Grocery Shopping

Tuesday August 4th 2020

My sleep was interrupted last night by the arrival of a new neighbor. It isn’t unusual for people to arrive late in the ten to midnight range. This is particularly true at RV parks along the highway, but destination places like this don’t usually get late arrivals. In this case a trailer from Missouri arrived near 2AM last night. It pulled into the back in site next to mine. They weren’t particularly noisy setting up but voices carry and tend to wake me up. The occupants got up late and left early in the afternoon. Just another one of the odd things you see in campgrounds around the country.

Today was a resupply day. In my attempt to minimize my trips to the grocery store it had been seventeen days since my last excursion into the maze of food. I still had plenty of things in the freezer, but the stuff that makes it a meal was starting to get low. I was out of OJ and bread, getting low on Milk and butter substitute and generally needed lots of little deserts. The nice modern and relatively large Walmart wasn’t very busy. It also wasn’t very well stocked. Some of the stocking issue was the same not keeping up with demand problem I’ve seen since the start of the pandemic, but there also seemed to be a different focus on the volume of product stocked. For example, the amount of space allocated for water wasn’t anywhere near as large as at other Walmart stores. Every store is different and I get some entertainment from comparing and contrasting them.

Upstream bound tug and barge.

The weather today was the first of several days with below normal high temperatures. It seemed to draw a lot of people out of the city to the enjoy the river this afternoon and evening. There were several family picnics going on this evening in the day use area of the park. Along the banks of the river a number of family were fishing (not catching). Overall it was a nice evening along the river.

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