Surrounded by Activity

Saturday August 1st 2020

After another brief rain shower during the night, the weather rebounded into a beautiful Saturday. The humidity and heat are gone. It was a comfortable mostly sunny day in the low eighties. The next few days have similar forecasts.

Morning swim into the wind.
Sky full of fluffy clouds.

The tranquility during the week has given way to an active weekend for most of the residents of the park. Kids are riding bicycles up and down the roads. There is a line up at the boat launch waiting to load and unload boats. I got my answer about launching a pontoon boat with a motorhome; they don’t. A pickup truck pulling a fifth wheel camping with the people in the motorhome did the duty. I really wanted to see them try to launch the boat with the motorhome, but I’m glad they had a more sensible solution.

Blossom of the day.

In addition to a couple of walks around the park, I spent a lot of time siting outside my RV home watching the activity on the river. In addition to the usual fishing and general boating there were people cruising by in big live aboard boats and fast moving boats trying to set speed records. It was a real circus. I thought I was going to be a witness to more than one collision, but somehow they always managed to dodge disaster. As darkness arrived I retreated inside my RV home, but some of the action on the water continued. A couple of boats with huge bright led light bars are cruising around the river at high speed as I’m writing this blog entry.

A little color to the west as the sun went down.

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