Improving Weather at Weeks End

Friday July 31st 2020

There has been rain, wind, clouds and sun over the last twenty four hours. During the night a strong wind blew in followed by heavy rain. This morning the sun was out for a little while before the sky darkened and more rain passed through the area. The sun returned in the afternoon for a couple of hours followed by the dark sky of a near miss storm. The TV weather talkers say the weather pattern has completed a change with that last storm’s passing. It certainly is less humid.

Afternoon Parade
Proud sentinel.

I’m not sure if it was last night’s storm or an accumulation from recent storms, but the park staff was busy picking up downed tree branches today. A smaller tractor made several trips past my site with tree branches in the bucket. Later in the day into the evening the same operator was on a riding mower catching up on all of the tall grass around the park. It was a very busy day for the park staff.

Another tug and barges heading down river.

As I predicted the park filled up this evening. This is a very popular park for people with water craft. Fishing boats and pontoon boats arrive with many of the RVs. Watching a forty plus foot motorhome pulling a pontoon boat is interesting. How do they plan to launch the boat? The diesel pusher can’t get the rear engine wet at the bottom of the boat ramp, so I can’t envision the launching task. I’ll be watching tomorrow to see if I can catch how they do it.

Blossom of the day.

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