Gloomy Thursday

Thursday July 30th 2020

Yesterday’s rain continued into the night time hours. Between the rain noise and the roof AC that I had to run because the rain necessitated closed windows, I didn’t get a thorough nights sleep. The day today was mostly dry, but rain is expected overnight into tomorrow. I don’t anticipate getting much better sleep tonight.

Great Blue Heron on an island in the river.

It was a cloudy and very humid day. The combination of the clouds and the shade produced by the pine forest I am park in made for a very gloomy day. I took a couple of walks around the park, but I really didn’t have the ambition for much more. I also tried to work on my travel plans without a lot of success. The gloomy day influenced my mood into a gloomy state as well. The uncertainty of travel in these virus infected times kept getting in the way of committing to a plan. I vacillate between just pushing on with normal one and two week stops versus finding a place to stay for several months. It isn’t a health and safety concern that is influencing me. The risk isn’t much different either way. It is the uncertainty of government reaction that continues to worry me. Both Tennessee and Mississippi, my next possible stops are being advised to take action against the virus. What kind of action will they take?

The activity level around the park was also low today. A few more people arrived for the weekend. I think the park will be full again. The uncertain weather kept the number of fishing boats on the river down. I only saw a couple of empty boat trailers in the parking lot on each of my walks. There are usually more and most of the time I see one or two launching or returning. I didn’t see any fishermen on the river today.

Blossoms of the day.

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