From Sun to Rain

Wednesday July 29th 2020

Today was all about the weather. The first half of the day was sunny and humid just like the last few days. The second half of the day was the start of a new weather pattern. A line of storms arrived with a little bit of wind, some lightening and lots of rain. This evening the clear skies are gone, but the humidity remains. More rain is forecast over the next couple of days.

This morning I went for a walk in Two Rivers Park. It is a county park about three miles down river from my RV home. When I was here two years ago I saw a lot of wildlife at Two Rivers Park. This morning I was disappointed. The water level this summer is higher than it was on my last visit. The area I saw deer and other creatures was underwater today.

Storm clouds moving in

I was not prepared to explore deeper into the park. There are some very nice bicycle trails to follow, but my bike was back at my RV home. I also didn’t bring anything to carry water comfortably. Shifting a bottle of water from hand to hand is OK for a short walk, but not very practical for a real hike. Back at camp, I started to air up my bicycle tires and put a little lubrication on the gears. I don’t remember the last time I road my bike, but it sure has a lot of miles riding around the country on the back of my SUV. The rain decided to arrive before I got very far preparing the bicycle.

Calm after the storm.

The campground has been pretty quiet the last few nights, but it is starting to fill up tonight. I get the sense that many of the campers are from the local area. There are very few RVs with out of state plates and some sites seem to be occupied by families that go home or to work during the day. It is a little different atmosphere.

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