Travel Day to El Reno OK

Thursday July 16th 2020

It rained again overnight so I had all the windows closed. That required the AC to run all night. The AC cycling on and off all night resulted in uneven sleep. I was up by seven to get ready for a travel day.

The day started cloudy and remained that way until late afternoon. The clouds prevented the temperature from building, but the very high humidity made the low nineties feel worse than Mondays 110. It was still cool enough this morning that the temperature didn’t impact packing. Setting up camp this afternoon was not fun. My shirt was soaked and sweat was dripping off every exposed piece of skin.

I took my time getting ready to depart this morning. The RVs parked on both sides that were also taking their time. I hoped to have extra space to hook the car to the back of the RV, but as the 11AM checkout time approached the neighboring sites were still occupied. I made do with the space in my site alone despite the down hill slope. As I departed a minute or two after the official checkout time, my neighbors were right behind me.

Site 66 at the El Reno West KOA.

Today’s journey was short. I moved about sixty miles east to within easy driving distance of Oklahoma City. I actually drove one exit past my destination to a rest area on Interstate 40 to have lunch and kill some time. As it is I arrived before 2PM at my destination. There were plenty of empty sites. No one else arrived until after 4PM. This campground is a little odd. There is one section back in the woods with shaded sites. The section I’m in for bigger RVs is a parking lot with a few grass strips and utility hookups. I’ll be here for the weekend.

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