Hit by Humidity

Friday July 17th 2020

I woke up this morning to another humid day. Yesterday was very humid, but cloud cover most of the day kept the temperature in check. Today it was a bright sunny day with lots of humidity. The temperature peaked around 95 degrees. It was very sticky and felt like 105 degrees.

I knew coming east across the south I would encounter humidity, but this is a little further north and west than I expected to encounter it. This level of humidity in the Oklahoma city area during July is not a regular occurrence. The TV weather people are calling it August level humidity.

Pond at the campground with a couple of very fake alligator. Who ever heard of alligators in Oklahoma?

The last time I encountered this level of heat and humidity was the summer of 2018. In the Pacific northwest last summer there was heat and there was humidity, but never at the same time. I don’t enjoy hot and humid weather, but typically don’t have a problem with the combination. This morning I was really feeling the heat and humidity. I may have made a mistake turning off the AC and opening the bedroom windows around 5AM, but I was annoyed by the loud cycling air conditioner. Whatever the cause, I woke up three hours later with low energy and very much aware of the humidity.

After breakfast I took the bike and towing gear off the car in preparation for touring the area. I was soaked through after the fifteen minute task. By the time I had clean dry cloths on I had decided to stay home for the day. It turned into a laundry and vegetate in front of the TV kind of day. I grilled a steak and baked a couple of potatoes for dinner which seemed to drive the heat and humidity induced lethargy away. Let’s see if I get out and tour tomorrow.

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