Touring in Western Oklahoma

Wednesday July 15th 2020

Once again a line of thunderstorms passed during the night. This time it was primarily a wind event. The end result was a cloudy start to a much more humid day. The temperature peaked in the low nineties, but with the humidity it felt much warmer.

This stop was not part of my original travel plan along the Interstate 40 corridor. When New Mexico made it clear that out of state visitors were not welcome, I cut out two additional stops in New Mexico and added a few days to my stay in Amarillo Texas. I still had a few more days to use before I could get back on my scheduled set of reservations. This stop, near Elk City in western Oklahoma for two nights gets me back on schedule.

Today I set out to explore the area. The terrain is gently rolling hills of primarily open land. Occasionally in the valleys between the hills there are ponds and at other random locations there are pockets of trees. The land is used for pasture and farming.

Interstate 40 in this area still follows the historic route 66. Elk City is a good size community along the route. It has a number of museums associated with the historic route. Given the current pandemic, I didn’t even check to see if they were open. I’m only looking for outside things to do. On another trip through this area I might consider visiting the museums, but I haven’t found any outside natural attractions of interest.

I’m moving on tomorrow about fifty miles to the western side of Oklahoma City for the weekend. I don’t expect to find many outside things to do in that area either, but a driving tour of Oklahoma City seems like a possibility. Sunday when traffic is light, I’ll drive the RV through Oklahoma City and on toward the eastern part of the state.

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