Travel Day to Elk City Oklahoma

Tuesday July 14th 2020

I slept very well last night and woke later than usual. It’s also unusual for me to sleep well the night before a travel day. Unfortunately the result was I woke later than normal. I got a slow start to the final preparations for travel. I pulled out of the campground right around the 11AM checkout time.

It wasn’t a difficult journey. All of the travel was on Interstate 40. The only complication was stopping for gas. The first place I tried to buy gas was very busy and there wasn’t any place for me to wait without blocking traffic. I drove around the pumps and continued on my way. The second place I stopped for gas was almost empty and turned out to be fifteen cents a gallon cheaper.

The weather was very hot. I stopped at the Oklahoma welcome center, but my dashboard said it was 106 degrees outside. The bathroom in my RV was far more convenient than walking out in the hot sun to the public restroom. The information facility didn’t appear to be open in these pandemic times.

Site 48 at the Elk City / Clinton KOA.

I arrived at my home for the next two nights, the Elk City / Clinton KOA, around 2PM. This campground was using a modified check in procedure. All of the check in material was prepared and available at the night check in station. No human interaction was necessary. I found my material then found my site. It was closing on the day’s high temperature of 108 degrees while I was setting up. The AC barely made a dent in the heat until the sunset. The heat dome is moving slowly to the east. My 160 mile move to the east just served to keep me in the center of the dome. The 108 was a high for this date in this area.

This is my first ever visit to the state of Oklahoma. It will likely be the only new state on this years version of the Rambling Road Trip. I’m not sure how much of the state I’ll see on this visit. I’ll be in the state for a total of 9 nights with two nights here, three nights near Oklahoma City and another four on the eastern side of the state.

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