Last Full Day in Texas

Monday July 13th 2020

Today was another record or near record heat day. The temperature topped out at 110 degrees. I heard that it was a new record on one TV station and that it wasn’t on another. A little more research indicates it was an all time high for the month of July, but once upon a time there was 111 degree day in June. The weather forecast and reporting leaves a lot to be desired in this television market. The bottom line is it was hot.

Being outside in the sun for more than a few minutes wasn’t advisable. I took a drive on the loop road around the south side of Amarillo this afternoon. The southeast section was a lot of open farm and grazing land. I finally found some of the new housing developments to the southwest of town. I’d been wondering where all of the expanding population was living. The area deserves another visit when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic and a heat wave.

So long Texas. I’ll be back again another year.

This is my last full day here. Tomorrow I continue my travels to the east. I’ll be in Oklahoma tomorrow night. I have less than 180 miles to travel, so I don’t have to get an early start. I’ve completed many of the inside packing tasks, but the heat kept me from working on many of the outside tasks, It should be a few degrees cooler in the morning. A line of thunderstorms went through the area this evening. The storms here were mostly wind. The hale, rain and wind were further north.

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