Restocking Day

Sunday July 12th 2020

Last nights thunderstorms continued to drop rain on my RV until well after midnight. This morning there were many big puddles around the campground and the overall weather was subtly different. It was much more humid and the high temperature for the day was ten degrees or so cooler than yesterday. It did not reach 100 today. Tonight’s line of storms are crossing the Texas pan handle north of here.

The overnight rain storms resulted in some big puddles around the campground.

This morning I made the trip to the grocery store that I put off yesterday. Every trip to Walmart since the pandemic arrived has been different. Today, very few people in the parking lot had masks on. I masked up and followed to groups without masks into the store. The first group was asked to wear masks by the Walmart greeter. They all pulled masks out of their pockets and put them on. Clearly they weren’t going to wear them if not explicitly directed. There is currently a mask required order in this area. The family immediately in front of me was also told they needed to wear masks. They turned around without comment and departed. Most everybody in the store had a mask.

The shelves weren’t particularly well stocked, but I don’t think it was because of shortages. I think it was more likely a staffing problem. They only had four checkouts open with long socially distanced lines when I went to checkout. I jumped into the fifth checkout when it opened after I’d waited only five minutes or so. Overall, with an additional stop for gas, I was out for a little over two hours.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing around my RV home watching TV and watching the evening arrivals at the RV park. I also took some time to grill a couple of newly purchased hamburgers for dinner. Everything else I might have had was still in the freezer. One thing this pandemic has changed is the amount of food in my freezer. I try to keep two weeks or more supply of food on hand to cover any two week quarantines I might get caught in.

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