More Heat and a Little Rain

Saturday July 11th 2020

Today’s 109 degree temperature was nearly twenty degrees above the average July temperature for the Amarillo area. I’m really finding some record high temperatures this year. Tomorrow’s forecast is a little cooler with an increased chance of severe storms at the end of the day. Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be similar to today.

Metal cutout on one of the buildings. There are plenty of Texas scenes on the other buildings as well.

The heat did a number on my ambition. I spent the day at home trying not to melt. My tentative plan to go grocery shopping was put off until Sunday or Monday. Instead I got a few tasks done around my RV home. I finished repairing the wardrobe closet door. The door is back on and operational, but I’m not convinced the problem will not reoccur the next time I travel on a rough road. The door is heavy enough that it could really use three hinges instead of two. That is a major change I’m not prepared to take on until it is absolutely necessary.

I took a break after writing the above two paragraphs. A heavy, not severe, thunderstorm developed right over the area. I’ve been watching the storm on my phone weather radar app and the impressive light show out my front window. The storm is moving slowly away from the area to the southeast. On the positive side the rain may wash some of the dust off my RV home and car. It’s the first real water either has seen since January or February.

How many fire hydrants does a dog walk need?

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