Getting Familiar with the Grants New Mexico Area

Tuesday June 30th 2020

Today was a sunny day with a lot less wind than yesterday. It still wasn’t a calm day. The wind rattled my RV home off and on all day. The temperature here above six thousand feet was in the low eighties.

After getting the rest of my setup tasks complete, I took a drive to get familiar with the area. Grants New Mexico was founded as a railroad town, then became a mining town and is now somewhat of a tourist town on old route 66. I’m not sure if it is the current pandemic or a general economic down turn in the area, but I saw many rundown and closed businesses. Outside of town there is a lot of open land some of which is used for cattle.

One hundred thousand years ago there were several volcanoes in this area. Dark brown and black lava rock indicative of lava flows from long ago dot the landscape. The campground I’m staying in is right on the side of one lava flow. To the south of here in the El Malpais National Monument other features of the volcanic activity can be viewed. Over the next few days I’ll try and find some trails of vistas that are open. The visitor centers are closed.

This campground is very much an overnight stop. The park was pretty close to full last night, but by the 11AM checkout time my RV home was all alone in a row of sites. There were still a few other RVs in the row behind my RV, but the row in front was also empty. My the time I returned from my familiarization tour a few other RVs had arrived. My night fall the park was about as full as the night before. People are traveling. The RVs are from all across the country. From the east coast I spotted plates from South Carolina and New Hampshire. California and Oregon represent the west coast and Texas, Minnesota and South Dakota represent the central part of the USA.

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