Sandstone Bluffs Hike

Wednesday July 1st 2020

Today’s temperature peaked in the mid eighties. The lower wind strength is probably the cause of the slightly warmer temperature. It is still below the normal for this time of year in this area.

I hiked around the Sandstone Bluffs area of the El Malpais National Monument today. To reach the bluff it was necessary to drive a mile and half up hill on a very washboard gravel road. It was an uncomfortable ride. The sandstone rocks are interesting and really standout against the dark lava rock on land below the bluff.

When I got back to the RV park this afternoon, it was as empty as it was yesterday. My RV home stood alone in my part of the campground. Yesterday I had new neighbors before 2PM. Today it was after 4PM before I had new neighbors. I was beginning to wonder if they had closed the park to new arrivals. In this strange times anything might happen. By darkness the park was as full as it has been since I got here on Monday.

Cactus blossom of the day,

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