Travel Day to Grants New Mexico

Monday June 29th 2020

Today was a travel day. I wanted to get an early start to get ahead of the forecast heavy winds, but it wasn’t to be. The heavy wind woke me up around 6AM. It wasn’t going to let me beat it, so I slowed down to a normal pace. I was on the road by 10:30AM.

Interstate 40 east bound from the Winslow AZ area is a slow and steady climb to the continental divide east of Gallup New Mexico. Occasionally on the drive I had a helping wind from behind, but most of the time the southwest wind was just pushing me around on the road. There were gusts reported in the fifty MPH range. It was not a fun travel day.

Site 22 at the Grants NM KOA Journey.

I arrived in Grants New Mexico at the KOA Journey around 2:30PM Mountain Daylight time having lost an hour leaving Arizona in Standard time. It was only three hours of driving torture. Entering New Mexico there were several message boards informing that Masks are required in New Mexico. I took the time to mask up before entering the office to check in. I was greeted by an unmasked women behind the desk. The only thing virus unique about the check in was the comment that the gold pens had been sanitized. Who knows why they needed my signature. The credit card was processed from the online reservation.

This is my first night east of the continental divide in over thirteen months. I’ll be here for a week before moving on toward Albuquerque followed by eastern New Mexico. This area has some National Monuments and nature areas to visit. I know the visitors centers are closed, but I hope the trails and vistas are open. So far I’ve seen some high cliffs and lava rock in the area.

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